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Known around the globe for their high technology and uniquely styled cylindrical battery designs, HCB Technologies is now New Zealand’s official OPTIMA battery distributor. OPTIMA technology is high regarded and thoroughly proven in high performance motorsport, powerboat racing and extreme vehicle and engine applications.

As a respected distributor of class leading international marine deep cycle and engine starting battery brands, becoming the OPTIMA distributor compliments HCB’s extensive portfolio and strengthens relationships with the world’s best battery manufacturers. “OPTIMA is manufactured by Johnson Controls Power Solutions, (JCI) the world’s largest producer of batteries for automotive applications. Approximately 1 in every 3 vehicles manufactured around the world today is equipped with a JCI battery”, commented HCB’s Jeremy Singleton.

For New Zealand marine applications, installing an OPTIMA Blue Top high performance AGM battery equals exceptional engine cranking combined with the cycling ability to reliably power on board electronics. OPTIMA Blue also provides outstanding vibration resistance, resilience to impacts, harsh vibration and very fast recharge times. This flexible AGM battery is ideal for owners seeking sure starting with every turn of the key and a maintenance free power source.

OPTIMA is the battery of choice professional motorsport teams in drifting, drag and circuit racing plus and off-road and extreme endurance championships. OPTIMA’s unique case design, firmly encapsulating a network or spiral wound cells, provides a performance battery that is virtually spill-proof and allows installation into almost any position and angle for assured peace of mind.

All OPTIMA batteries carry a 2 year warranty and are supplied and supported by HCB Technologies nationwide.