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Batteries made simple

Selecting the correct batteries for the application, whether engine start or house batteries, can be the difference between happy and contented use or an exercise in crisis management. The object of these few pages is to assist vehicle, boat or motorhome owners to understand what is happening to the batteries, what makes the various types different and what effects the life and performance.

Battery care and maintenance

Make sure you know the basics to maintain and work safely around batteries from how to correctly jump-start your vehicle to how to safely use a battery charger to charge your battery

Deep Cycle sizing

Sizing of Deep Cycle Batteries is critical to the performance of electrical items in any application, especially in House Banks. Insufficient capacity results in systems failure, poor battery performance and shortened battery life. Excessive capacity results in unnecessary weight, cost and space usage.

Re-charging, discharging and equalisation of Deep Cycle Batteries

Know how to take care of your flooded Deep Cycle Batteries to gain longevity and performance.

Series/parallel battery matching

Connecting more than one battery in either series or parallel? Then you need to read this document to assist the correct placement and connection.

Open Circuit Voltage Vs State of Charge

Using a Digital Meter and referencing this table to the correct type of battery you are able to reference how charged your battery may be

Battery depth of discharge

Understand how the depth of discharge can influence the life of the battery.

Battery Specifications

Battery measurements (L x W x H) are taken at the extremities of the battery including hold downs and handles