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New to HCB Technologies Limited is the Varta VSSP, to diagnose and confidently guide battery replacement in complex vehicles with Start-Stop Technology and Battery Management Systems. 


The VARTA VSSP (Start-Stop Service Program) enables workshops to carry  out battery replacements swiftly and efficiently. The VSSP can operate without an Internet connection, or in areas of poor coverage, for flexible usage at every site. With illustrated installation instructions, the VSSP is a valuable technical training tool.

Changing a Start-Stop battery can be challenging if the battery is integrated with the vehicles electrical system to support battery powered CO2 and comfort functions. Carrying out the diagnosis, memory reset and re-registration of the battery in the vehicles electrical system can be equally complicated. Other challenges include the various battery locations in the modern vehicles and confidence to specify the 100% correct replacement product.

Battery servicing is made easy with the VSSP. Vehicles are identifiedeither automatically via the OBD cable or manually via the VIN number or a scroll-down menu. Following identification, the battery can be tested and the Start-Stop system or battery management system precisely diagnosed. A product assignment function then recommends the correct battery for every vehicle.

Finally, the VSSP displays via detailed images all the steps required in removing and installing a battery, and registers the new battery in the system if required. Battery servicing concludes with a printable report of the test results.

Click here to see the new VARTA VSSP Diagnostic tool and here to download the latest product release.